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United Way Success Stories

There are basic things that we all need for a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement, and good health. Thanks to the generosity of donors, companies, their employees and retirees, United Way is making lasting changes in people’s lives throughout the community.

Please read these real-life stores of lives touched through the United Way and it's Partner Agencies.

Meet Cory

14 year old Little Brother Cory was matched with Big Brother Greg in 2015.  Candie, Cory's mom, shared the matches such a success because Cory and Gregs interests are so similar.  Read more about Cory here.

A Journey of Milestones

When one 2-year old boy began in Early Intervention Services at Hays Area Children's Center, he only used a bear crawl to get around, was fed soft foods by his mother, and would only use some play when sitting in his mother's lap.  After seven months of early intervention services, he has progressed to walking on his own, can hold a rail to go up and down steps and sometimes may even let go of the rail.  Click here to read more about this little boy's journey.

Meet Homer Edwards

After many years of employment, and then eventually retirement, Homer found himself, like many others who retire, wanting to get back to work. Homer had a true passion for getting up every morning and going to work. He also liked making money. Through DSNWK's Job Placement Follow-along Program was able to work with Homer, find out what kind of work he wanted to do and then match his desires with the need of a local employer. After a short time, DSNWK staff were able to locate a steady job for Homer in Hays.  Read more about Homer here: